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Due to current health concerns, I am offering sessions both in-person and online, as well. As a result, children who meet with me privately will be able to continue with their lessons if they develop cold symptoms.

Your child’s health and safety is always my priority.

Private Reading Remediation 

Private sessions are scheduled 3 – 4 times per week.

  • 55.00 – Single rate per private session
  • 50.00 – Pre-paid block rate per session

Small-Group Reading Remediation

Group sessions are based on availability and will include 2 – 4 students per session. Group sessions are scheduled 3 – 4 times per week.

  • 45.00 – Single rate per group session
  • 40.00 – Pre-paid block package rate per group session

Dyslexia Screening 

A battery of multiple screening tools will be administered to assess your child’s skills related to phonological processing, receptive and expressive language abilities, and the  ability to make sound/symbol associations.

Who is a candidate for screening?

A child who:

  • is homeschooled
  • attends a private school that is friendly and willing to provide accommodations with proof
  • attends a public school and parents would like to obtain more information before investing in reading remediation or a complete evaluation by a psychologist
  • is at least halfway through kindergarten
  • is at least 5½ years old

Parents will receive a written report consisting of both the test scores and an explanation of the results of the testing along with recommendations for specific interventions in the school setting.

  • 325.00-Includes student screening, a written report, and a 45 minute parent consultation.


For more information, please call (719)425-9911 or email